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When it is Friday, you are usually allowed to wear casual outfits to go to your office. In this case, you have to find the best casual outfits carefully so that you will look impressive all day. Different people have different styles so that they want different casual outfits for working. If you are confused to find the best work casual outfits, you can consider the following ideas (or you can visit they have many ideas for work outfits!). You should find the most appropriate for you. You can also try these all.

Faded Black Skinny Jeans


If you want to look like a rocker, you can try wearing faded black skinny jeans. This office casual wear will be good for working when it is Friday and Saturday. The best pairing outfit for it is a collared shirt with bright color such as white or grey. If you want to look more elegant, you can also consider wearing a blazer with dark color such as black, brown, etc. Other accessories are also possible to add.

Denim Smocked Shirtdress


Besides that, it will also be a good idea for you to wear a smocked shirtdress. Made from denim, this dress is very great for workplace. This roomier shirt will make you look more elegant. Besides that, the crisp collar keeps you look more formal. The longer hemline creates the beautiful impression. So, it belongs to one of the best work casual outfits. You can also pair it with some other casual outfits such as flat booties and black tights like Rachel. To make you look perfect, stacked heels will be a great choice for your footwear.

Cropped Jean Jacket


One of the ways to apply casual style for your work outfits is by wearing a layer. For example, you want to layer your shirt with a jacket. In this case, I suggest you to wear a cropped jean jacket. With denim material, you will look cool and stylish. Besides that, it also creates a younger look so that you look impressive. With a cropped jean jacket, you can try a pencil skirt for your lower work casual outfits.

Casual Pencil Skirt


Then, you can also consider wearing a pencil skirt when you go to work. Wearing this will make you look professional and formal. Besides that, you also look beautiful with it. It is also flexible because you can pair it with various upper outfits. Therefore, it belongs to work casual outfits recommended for you.